PORTO -  Muralha Fernandina's view
PORTO - Muralha Fernandina's view

Who we are

Rosário e Tomaz
Rosário e Tomaz

Rosário Pereira Marinheira Rodani 

Tomaz Silva -  Skipper Rodani 

To enjoy the moment, to have a good conversation, to have contact with nature, and to others, are enough ingredients to justify sharing this passion.

We privilege the comfort and well-being of those who travel with us.

During the tour, it is our goal to provide peaceful moments and show the unseen Douro's corners.

We tell stories. We remember moments in our history.

We point out curiosities.

And all this on board of a classic cruise sailing boat, the RODANI.

Why Rodani?

There is a tiny butterfly that grows in an aquatic ecosystem commonly known as "EPHEMERA", as a result of its short-lived period. After several underwater metamorphoses, the larva become adult, rise to the surface, releasing their wings so that be able to complete their life cycle in a showy bridal parade When it happens, it remains for a little while with wings in a vertical posture like a small sailing boat. From this analogy, an idea came about! In the ocean's enormousness, we are but on these "BAETIS RHODANI"


During my adolescence, my father used to take me to the LEIXÕES Harbour every time the world's biggest sailboats such as Navio Escola Sagres, Amerigo Vespucci, Crioula , Santa Maria Manuela, among others moored there. Probably, it was this mysterious world full of fantasy that caused my fascination for everything that relates to the sea.


The experts Say:

Sailing is a complete sport, once it involves physical, psychological, and cognitive work, more than a simple sport, it can be assumed as a philosophy of life.

The child and the sea

Born in Northeastern, Trás os Montes, is an earth and natural lover. She was a happy child!

At the school, the teacher spoke about the sea " Sea is a salted water extent partially or totally surrounded by land", but we don't see the other border!

To understand that the water was salted was difficult, but not seeing the other border?!

Impossible! Has to see it to believe!

Sometimes life surprises us, and one day, still a child, I was in front of the sea!

And... it was true, I could not see the other border!

It was huge, much bigger than " Lagoa Grande" (the biggest lagoon I knew).

The sea is great!

I stand admiring it and never thought that someday we could have some sort of connection.

And now we are together, with its greatness, experiencing lovely evenings, calm tours from " Ribeira of Porto to Foz do Douro" or harder ones across the sea.

I confirm. We can not see the other border!